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We are value-added reseller of dAISy AIS receiver of Wegmatt LLC.
You can see how our dAISy 2+ works as AIS station on MarineTraffic portal or on AISHub portal.
Standart selling procedure in our company is connecting the offered device to our station to present how it works. We currently have the promotion of dAISy HAT for Raspberry Pi. It costs 70 EUR with shipping in the EU.
Wegmatt LLC announced our previous promotion offer on Twitter.
Currently, dAISy 2+ is out of stock but will return soon.
We have a simple test antenna in our offer (1.85m wire with BNC connector).

Product Netto Brutto
dAISy AIS Receiver 81.30 EUR 100.00 EUR
dAISy AIS Receiver with NMEA 0183 adapter 81.30 EUR 100.00 EUR
dAISy HAT dual-channel AIS Receiver for Raspberry Pi 81.30 EUR
56.91 EUR
100.00 EUR
70.00 EUR
dAISy 2+ dual-channel AIS Receiver with USB/NMEA 0183 113.82 EUR 140.00 EUR
dAISy 2+ dual-channel AIS Receiver with WIFI/USB/NMEA 0183 121.95 EUR 150.00 EUR
antenna RADMOR 32819/3 227.64 EUR 280.00 EUR
antenna RADMOR 32812/1 61.79 EUR 76.00 EUR
mobile antenna RADMOR 30833/1 37.40 EUR 46.00 EUR
mobile antenna RADMOR 30834/3 34.15 EUR 42.00 EUR
magnetic base for mobile antenna 32.52 EUR 40.00 EUR
simple test antenna 4.10 EUR 5.00 EUR

We are a distributor of the yard Nawiatr. We are the owner of the N700K catamaran. We invite you to Nowe Warpno for trial cruises in the new season. Let see new promotial movie of N700K on YouTube channel. Ask us about the 3D model of the N700K to create custom cross sections and measurements .

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